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A patchwork of careers caused major distractions and diversions. Nevertheless, these have offered a variety of rich experiences, which are reflected in my writing and my books. A law degree led to social work in the East End of London working with children in care and their families, the prison service, the probation service and the mental health sector.

There followed the wilderness years with temporary jobs as a typist, a PA, an artist’s model and relief driver. Then the heady world of advertising, starting as a copywriter at The Reader’s Digest Association and ending up running my own agency, after a stint in some mainstream agencies. I set up Words with Wings in 1990.

A passionate champion of the underdog, both human and animal, I take a great interest in criminal justice, have volunteered and run writing workshops for homeless people at The Connection at St Martins and currently volunteer with A.C.E. a wonderful organisation that rescues dogs in Spain. Apart from helping out at El Refugio I write their English blog.

These interests allied to my reactions to corporate negligence influence the subjects I write about. Two novels are ready for publication, initially on Kindle. The catalyst for The Eighteenth of November is the terrible, avoidable fire that raged through King’s Cross tube station in 1987. The inspiration for The Sixth of March is the sinking of MV Herald of Free Enterprise the same year, another foreseeable accident just waiting to happen. If you click on Books, you’ll find more about them under their respective headings.


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    • Hi Sally, thank you so much. Could I have a little time to consider … I think award would be good, but still need to read your info thoroughly. I’m currently finishing off with the painters so somewhat distracted. Sory I didn’t see this before. Also, any chance of including my main blog/website as well as the ACE one?

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