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CompassThis site is all about writing, in one way or another. If you are interested in reading or writing or both, this blog and site is for you. I hope you enjoy it – the aim is to both entertain and inform.

Writers are always being asked such things as ‘where do you get your inspiration?’ ‘Why do you write?’  ‘Are your characters based on real people?’ and similar questions.

I hope to post about some of these topics, both from my own point of view and also to share the thoughts and processes of other writers. I will also suggest some wonderful books that will throw further light on the subject.

Some of the headings are self-explanatory. Others less so. So I’ll run through them so that you can decide which bits you’d like to explore first. Though I hope in time you will follow all of them.

About me

What it says on the tin – read more under the subheading below.

On Writing

This is where you’ll find posts about the writing process and about words and language. There will also be some rants about misuse of language too – feel free to join in.  I’ll also post about work in progress.

Words with Wings

Find out what I can do to help you. And click the link under the heading to take you to the Words with Wings site.

Form an Orderly Queue

If you enjoy this strange, quirky, sometimes irritating but endlessly fascinating world we live in you’ll find plenty of material in my blog posts and articles, old and new


Under this heading you can read about my own books– news, insights, research and the stories behind the books. You can also find reviews of some of the books I hope you will enjoy as much as I did. And recommendations for further reading.

Get in touch

I’d like to hear what you think about writing, writers, books you’ve read. So do get in touch, using the form. And do subscribe too, that way you’ll never miss a post.

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