I will write copy and content to help you shine, to make you stand out from the crowd. But when you come right down to it, the essence of copywriting is benefit. What can you do to help your clients? By the same token, what can I do to help you help them?

Clodagh knows what makes your business tick, whether you are writing about banks or baked beans.

Martin Creese

I offer copywriting for both print and web.  The same goes for articles, white papers, case histories and more. I will also undertake ghost writing. For the full range of my services, to see samples of past work and to read what my happy clients say about me, please take a look at my other website Words with Wings.

I have worked for the design agencies Sotomayor Designers and Springpoint, among others. Hewlett Packard was a major client at Midas Direct, as was British Rail.  I work across all industry sectors – a good copywriter should be able to get to know and understand any business. Thus Bank of Scotland, Barclays Wealth, Dogs Trust, The Cabinet Office, Warburtons, Heinz, Royal Mail and the AA were all clients at one time or another.

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