Teaching, mentoring and workshops

I run workshops both external and in-house. The subjects I cover are Copywriting, Writing for the Web, Blog Writing and Business Speaking and Presentation Skills.

I also teach these courses at City Lit. For details, see their website or contact me.

I will mentor you to help you prepare a report, a speech or improve your writing skills, whether for creative or business writing. For the past few years I have been a mentor at Early Birds Speakers, a Toastmaster’s International Club. I have recently been elected their Vice President, Mentoring; I will be┬áresponsible for helping develop all the mentoring services we offer to our members.

2 thoughts on “Teaching, mentoring and workshops

  1. Hi. I’ve been looking for a course in copywriting and have just come across the course you are teaching at City Lit. They say that people can possibly join this late and I am tempted. However, I am away for the week of 26th October and worry that this would mean I would miss too much. Do you think this would be the case? Are you planning to teach this course next term? Do you teach this or a similar course elsewhere?
    I am a book editor/abridger and have some experience of writing brochures and book jacket copy.

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